FLC Cycling Shriver Cross

The annual FLC Cycling Shriver Cross series is back with its fourth consecutive year. Shriver cross was developed to help the FLC cyling team and members of the community train for the US Cyclocross Nationals and to introduce cyclists to cyclocross. Now in it's fourth year it is going big and hosting the USCF Colorado State Championships on November 11th.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Muscle Cross Results

Sunday, December 4rd-Muscle Cross

Sunday, December 4, 2006Mason CenterKids: 15 minutes
1. Emma Hagen2. Spencer Mooney3. Bryn Joyner4. Dylan Tescher

Cruiser: 15 minutes1. John (Pink Jumpsuit) Bailey2. Noah (Shonny) Singer3. Eric (Red Skinsuit) Ransom4. Everyone else

Women: 60 minutes1. Sarah Tescher2. Kristin Danielson3. Teal Stetson-Lee4. Sabina Kraushaar

Men: 60 minutes1. Todd Wells2. Joey Thompson3. Troy Wells4. Travis Brown5. Zach Shriver6. Rich Visinski7. Scott Shishum8. Eric Ransom9. Chad Cheeney10. Steve Fassbinder11. Robin Guilaume12. John Bailey13. Thad Krueger14. Paul Ruhling15. Tom Miller16. Steve Lamont17. Brendan Vahey18. Leo ?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ageless and Grizzled: Overend Tears the Turkey Legs off everyone!

Ned making sure his wheel clears the barriers...just barely!
The clocktower and the group.
The biggest cross win of Ned's career!
Another glorious day of cyclocross racing in Durango today. 15 racers decided to work of the mashed pototoes and gravy in the Turkey Tumble. A different and altered course for the day was fun for all except the victims of flat tires.
From the gun it was Eric Ransom (Agisko) to the front followed closely by Chad "Chainsaw" Cheeny and Brenden Schafer. Ned Overend had a slow start, but kept a close eye on the competition for the first couple of laps. Ned must be taking his Centrum Silver and Ensure smoothies because on the next lap he was off the front. With three laps to go it was still a close race with Overend, Chainsaw Chad, and Schafer all together. Overend dumped it in the corner and this left Chad and Brenden with a small gap. Soon Ned would regain the lead on hold everyone off for the victory.
The girls race was intense with lead changes happening all day! Not really. Onawa and Molly pretty much just rode around fow a couple of laps. Hummel still managed to dump it in a corner and get some road rash...OUCH! Thanks to everyone for coming out this weekend and don't forget about the Finals, Muscle Cross, Downtown next Sunday!
Results for 11/25/06
1. Sir Edmund Overend (Specialized/Depends Undergarments)
2. Chad Cheeny (Durango Devo's Parents)
3. Brrenden Schafer ( Mom and Dad)
4. Eric Ransom (Agisko and Hummel)
5. Robin Giomme (G-unit)
6. Scott (Green Kona guy)
7. Ricky (Tumble Weeds)
8. Paul Ruling (Neighbor Paul)
9. Jeff (DWC-Blue Giant guy)
10. Steve Lamont (DWC-Grandpa)
11. Brenden Vahey (FLC Super Fan)
12. Erik Slak ( Slaking it on the last lap)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Turkey Tumble Cross Race-Saturday Nov. 25th

There will be a cross race this Saturday the 25th held on the Fort Lewis College Campus. Start time will be 10:00 and it will start and finish at the ampitheater. New Course and new sections that have never been ridden will be on tap. Stuff your faces with turkey and come out for some good fun on Saturday.

When: 10:am Start at Ampitheater

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Flyers for State Championships and Sports Club Cross

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Women's cross group ride-Thursday 3 :00 @ Magpies

This week will be the first Women's Cross ride. All you ladies with a cross bike meet at Magpies at 3:00 for an hour of cross practice. Riders will practice cross technique over barriers, carries, and run ups.

Thursday Womens Cross Ride

3:00 @ Magpies

New Web Address

Finally a shorter web address to get to navigate to the site. The new address is www.flccross.com

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Travis Brown Takes Round 3- Shannon Gibson wins the womens race

Travis Brown and Shannon Gibson rode to victory in the 3rd Round of the FLC Shriver Cross race series. A last minute race promotoin brought a good turnout and great weather. The Durango Cross scene continues to grow. Thanks to everyone for coming out and racing! Race results are posted below.

Men -60 minutes
1. Travis Brown
2. Anthony Colby
3. Sir Edmund Overend (NED)
4. Brenden Schafer
5. Scott Simmons

Women-30 minutes
1. Shannon Gibson
2. Mary Monroe
3. Cricket
4. Stephanie Swan

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Saturday October 28th, Bader Snyder Course

After multiple requests from members of the cyclocross community there will be a cross race this Saturday.
Where: FLC Campus Bader Snyder Dorms Course
When: 10 am
Course description: Lots of grass, fast gravel road. Twisting turns through trees and one berrier section.
Open to anyone!
Brenden Schafer will be the race coordinator. After the race don't forget to attend the FLC football game where the Fort Lewis College National team members will be honored during the third quarter for their recent overall division one win!